Top 10 Romantic Quotes from the Internet

Now there comes a time when we all need a little help in expressing how we feel. Hey, we aren’t all writers, and we are not gonna give our girl/guy half-assed love quotes. Now I know that they won’t mind what they get as long as it is from you but wouldn’t you? We are the ones that want the letters to match our feelings so that it can form beautiful sentences that dealer our passion and love.
Therefore, here are a few quotes that are sure to bring the romance back into your life.

No matter:

One word can make their day; imagine this putting a smile on their face. Reassuring them that you are theirs and only theirs.

That we do:

When we are in love, stuff like this isn’t just romance. It is the reality, the other person becomes what we cherish, and they become the mystery that we want to solve.

It can be painful:

Being apart from the one you love might be just as unbearable as not getting enough air. True love makes that so, you crave the other individual.

That is beautiful:

In our time, it is scary to think that you can be in a relationship with someone for a long, long time but they might not feel to even say, “I love you.” so getting that sensation that your partner is falling for you as you do for them is such a beautiful feeling to have.

A bit confusing?

It might be for some, but for those that have known real love, they know that their feelings never change for that loved one. Romance is, however, that can go up and down, so better make an effort to keep that alive among you two.

That happens:

Being with another and loving them to that extent that you forget your preferences and live by theirs. It’s an odd thing to do but who said that being in love had anything to do with that rational mind.

Funny right:

It is odd how we think that we need such and such in a partner and then comes along this weirdo that you’d never think that you would fall for and all of the sudden you two are sitting side by side on the sofa, cuddling and watching a movie.

It takes effort:

everything in life worth having is going to demand effort from you. So give it your all and watch the magic happen. Sure it is scary, and there is a chance that you will fail, but there is always that one chance of you getting a happy ending.

A doctors perspective:

Want to be a bit more hands-on with the metaphors, well than here you go, mate. To be honest, we find it quite funny and romantic and at the same time. But that’s just us, and we are super weird, so you don’t have to think the same way.

At times we don’t have a choice:

Love doesn’t gives us one at times; might be apart from our beloved but the mind and heart always find a way to link them back. We might see them in a cup of coffee, or a beautiful dress, or in a song we were listening to.

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