Motivational Quotes

Motivation is a temporary thing, one day you have it the next day you might not. However, it may be brief another thing that motivation is and that is effective. The drive, the determination, the dedication, and the sacrifice all that comes from motivation. If you are not motivated you are not going to have a passion for what you are trying to accomplish. So today, in order to keep the motivational train running, we are here with quotes from people that inspire and motivate all. They have led their lives as examples of what it means to never give up in any situation. Here are some fine motivational quotes for people of all ages, even kids at school. For them, they can see these as motivational quotes for students. School is hard, especially now as the level of competition has never been higher. These kids need all the help they can get. So without dragging for too long, here are the motivational quotes.

Motivational Quotes By Great Authors

Martin Luther King, Jr:

Motivational Quotes

If anyone embodies the ideals of never giving up and working your way through all odds it’s this great man right here. Listen to what Martin Luther King, Jr. has to say about disappointments, how you should take on the next day. Don’t mope, don’t stay in bed but get up and get right back to it.

Desmond Tutu:

Motivational Quotes

What is true justice? Do you feel that allowing an injustice to happen bears no responsibilities on to you? Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought so, as these words speak the truth.

Patience and persistence:

Motivational Quotes

For those that are feeling down in the dirt, don’t let yourself drift away. Keep at it until you see your craft come to life. It will take time to complete such a vision.

Dharmesh Shah:

Motivational Quotes

And that is the only way you should repay those that were always on your side. The people that were with you from the start. Sure you can take time in doing so but reach this destination.

Tony Robbins:

Motivational Quotes

Some people see their current failures and they believe that they have already lost the big race. What they don’t realize is that that big race hasn’t even begun. They’re always will be a chance, always a way to success now what your version of success is like and how you achieve depends on your work and grabbing at the right opportunity.

Michael Jordan:

Motivational Quotes

For those that don’t know what success looks like, what it feels like or what the track record of success is here is a wakeup call for all of them. This is what success is people.

Dr. Seuss:

Motivational Quotes

Someone that has shaped the minds of generations and whose books have a very special place in our hearts. Dr. Seuss is an individual whom you know you can go for advice and he has some for you.

How it’s done:

Motivational Quotes

That is why most of us don’t or can’t make change happen. We approach in a way that we shouldn’t. We hope that you understand what this quote is trying to hit towards.

A rule:

Motivational Quotes

Doing your job better doesn’t mean working extra hours, what it means is excelling in your field. So don’t confuse the two. When you excel you are noticed or notice yourself and getter a better job.

How failure works:

Motivational Quotes

There is a lot of fear behind most of the decisions we take. Fear of finances, for our wellbeing and even for the safety of our loved ones. That’s why most people won’t ever take a risk and their dream dies. However, even if you go for the safe option there is no guarantee that you will have security. So go for what you believe in and maybe you’ll find something beautiful in the process.

What to give the world:

Motivational Quotes

We might never think of this but what do we leave this world. We always desire to take and take but is that the right way to approach this? Does our planet have infinite resources? Why are we opting to replace things we don’t need swapping?

John Wooden:

Motivational Quotes

Keep your eyes on what you can accomplish and never let any disappointment rob you of your motivation. Success is not bought it’s rented and you have to pay the price every single day.

John Maxwell:

Motivational Quotes

At the end of the day, you have the potential just as anyone else and the same chance as most people. The only thing that is a game changer is how you utilize it?

The way to success:

Motivational Quotes

Perfection can’t be achieved, and especially not perfection from another man’s book. All we can do in this world is strive for progress and so much of it that we can rewrite that book.

Beverly Sills:

Motivational Quotes

A quick reality check will assure this quote. And while it may seem like it is rather a downer it is not. This quote is for this that are working towards a goal tirelessly and feel that they might be doing it wrong. Should they be looking for a shortcut? And we hope they have found an answer.

Henry Ford:

Motivational Quotes

If you want to know the blueprint of success there isn’t anyone better for that than Henry Ford. Take this advice to heart mates you just might get someplace good.

Thomas A. Edison:

Motivational Quotes

The man that made history, you should heed his words folks. What do you have to lose to give it one last try?

George Lorimer:

Motivational Quotes

Now that you know, go and live your days with the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your all and that it will lead you places.

Walt Disney:

Motivational Quotes

We couldn’t have put it in better terms ourselves. Now the real question comes down to is, can you dream?


At the end of the day, it is all about who was the last man standing, who was it that made the effort and the sacrifices to reach where they needed to be? If you desire something to give it your all and then some. If you can’t do that don’t see yourself as someone that lost as you still have much more in the tank.

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