Love Quotes

Love is perhaps the strongest emotion we share with another. We live our lives to be with the one we love and how to make them happy. Seeing a smile on their face makes our day and seeing them sad can mess up our entire week. We want to protect them; we want to keep giving them all that you can. And at times, there are such situations that you can’t take charge of. There are times when your lover has to handle things on their own, and no matter how much it hurts you have to let them do it alone. All you can do is keep reminding them that they have you. That you have their back no matter what. That is what true love is like, and these are some of the best love quotes that cover all the basis of love.


Love Quotes

One can love humanity, and there is no better example than Mother Teresa. Here she is again telling the world just to love and let love.


Love Quotes

No matter how long it takes you one day, you will have this realization. The realization that family and love is what makes this life tolerable.

Only a few can understand:

Love Quotes

This isn’t something a lot of people would get, a lot of individuals are hurt. Putting their trust, their love, and their effort in the wrong person. So they lose this will but give love another chance, and you might find that there is someone that will do all that for you.

How to live?

Love Quotes

From the mouth of an individual that understood what it meant to be human these words were uttered. You have to admit their value after that.

The other side:

Love Quotes

You have to make sure that you are not being fooled into to giving your all while the other takes advantage of you. Love hard, but don’t be blind to the reality.


Love Quotes

There is a way to tell if you had love or you were just lying to yourself.

It really is:

Love Quotes

No one has ever said that it will be easy, being with someone whose every move decides your emotional status isn’t something that people should consider as easy. Nonetheless, we have forgotten that and moved on to looking at couple goals.

That it is:

Love Quotes

If you are one that truly loves their family and friends, then all you do will be to help them. Such wisdom is far better than one that is used selfishly for personal gain.

Give it a thought:

Love Quotes

One day even we will leave this world and leave behind so many people that love us, but in all of them, we will leave a piece of us that will live on.


Love Quotes

If you have mastered this virtue than you will prevail in love, people that just look for a quick way to the bedroom won’t find peace. At least not the one that lasts for a lifetime.

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