5 Disturbing Quotes

These combination of words are inevitably going to make feel a bit odd. The following are some quotes that are profoundly disturbing no matter how you slice it. Some words are just so jarring that we have to take another look just to accept what was said. So since we are trying to understand more about words and quotes, we do need to look into some “taboo” words that might leave you with an unselecting feeling in your stomach.So get ready folks and hope for the best. Here are top disturbing quotes found online.

Hot Chocolate:

Now I haven’t tasted blood, and I have had hot chocolate…nah I don’t believe you are telling the truth mate.Just look at it for a moment, it really feels like it came from the mind of a psychopath if you ask us. This is quite disturbing, isn’t it?

Haunting silence followed:

Just picture yourself being there, having this conversation with an individual that is completely serious with their statements. Not a place you’d like to be. There is a reason why even the actors in that scene were afraid. This isn’t a normal rational train of thought. (Understatement much?)

That got dark fast:

I did not think that this is where this quote was going, did not at all. But then again it is here on this list so I shouldn’t be surprised. So yeah…not a fun conversation to have.


Well, it rhymed…so it isn’t that bad I guess? [Inserted: ,]Still, you won’t get any [Inserted: ,]standing ovations from your poetry club any time soon if you wrote or spoke poetry like this. Nonetheless, it is quite fascinating to see that what the human brain can come up with, whether it be beautiful or beautifully horrifying.

Alone :

Not much to say here you have to say, it is pretty disturbing to think about it. And no wonder people tend to go through depression when they are faced with that.

Those were some of the most disturbing quotes we have found online that have been taken from various parts of fiction. We do hope you liked this experience and would strive for more. If there is any kind of content that you wish for us to cover we would love to have our writers work on it. Just let us know in the comments down below.

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