15 Of the Best Quotes about Relationships

Some of the best moments in our lives revolve around the people we love. The people that show us that we can be more than what we thought we ever could. That one individual that makes the world seem beautiful. The person when you look at them you believe that everything is gonna go your way.
Today we are acknowledging such people, and in their honor, we present the best words uttered on the topic of love, romance and relationships.

Being human:

That is what we all want in the end, don’t we? To feel? To love? And perhaps that is what makes us human.

For you man:

Ladies, never shy away from showing your man how much you appreciate him. We might not show it, but compliments feel good to us as well.

Think about it:

Being clingy is not a way to be in a relationship, granted that being a little jealous or protective is cute but don’t cross the line.

A simple wish:

Not only is it simple but one that you won’t need a miracle to get. Just keep at it and make them happy, be there for them.

Don’t you think so?

Not a lot of people would agree with that, but then again there aren’t many people that can say that they have found true love in the first place.


We believe that what they mean is that love changes form, it is always within us no matter even if the person we loved has left us.

True love:

We do hope that people know this by now but love like it is shown in rom-coms and other movies, is not

love, that is just a representation of that directors feel their audience would desire. Reality is much better, spoilers.

Truthful indeed:

Give it a thought, and you might find yourself convinced by the end of it all. Getting to know someone like that and feeling that they too are falling for you is the best feeling one could have.

Sure thing:

That would be a fair trade; sounds about right don’t you guys think so?


Love is perhaps the only thing that can be cured with an overdose of itself; how paradoxical.

Golden words:

Try sending something like this to your love just out of the blue. You have no idea how happy that can make your partner.


That is what true comfort and safety feels like, not be afraid to be wearable. If you have that you are a very lucky individual.

Miracles happened daily:

If you wanted a description of love, you wouldn’t get any better than this quote right here.

Weird isn’t it?

That is a sign that you love the other person, you know who they are and what they lack as people. However, deep down you know that you love them and even their flaws.


Loving the other person comes naturally, and if you have to force yourself to do all that, then you might need to think this through mate

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