10 Life Quotes from People We Look Up To

A lot of people when they are faced with depression or just feeling down they go to look for life quotes that can only bring them up.Now a lot of people won’t get why that happens, but the main reason is that we see hope in those quotes. When we look at people that have seen the face of success and how they express how we can do the same if we just hang on for a little bit and keep digging it offers us a lot more. It provides us with confidence, optimism and the power to go beyond expectations.

So it is not lying to yourself or living in delusions, it is getting motivated. Just as a powerlifter would yell or hit himself to get hyped, or a businessman seeing a Ted-talk or a lecture by someone he looked up to as a youthful aspiring entrepreneur.In that context, here are a few 10 life quotes from people that we look up to.

1.From Bruce Lee:

Now here are some words from the man that a lot of people look up to, an actual legend. Let’s hope that we can have some of his ideology rub off on us.

2.John Lennon:

are many ways to phrase this. However, every version is correct. Don’t keep your head down making all these plans while your life passed you bye.

3.Marcus Aurelius:

Keep that in mind the next time you think you need a job, or a position, or a set number of cash in your bank account to be happy because keeping it real that doesn’t help.

4.Abraham Lincoln:

Not only are these words inspiring but they are also how he lived his life. You can’t just speak words, you have to show the actions that back them while you have the time.

5.William James:

Thinking that way might help a lot of people that are suffering from depressive thoughts. Life is what you make of it, so make it something beautiful.

6.Elbert Hubbard:

This might not be easy to get but give it a bit of thought.It will make sense, but you will need to have a level of maturity.

7.Susan Sontag:

You have to stay hopeful, you can give up on your first try. Heck, don’t even give up on your 10th if that is what you believe what your picture of success is. Make your success yours, and if you do have to give up on any dream don’t get depressed. Replace it with a new vision, be eager for new things keep trying out new things.

.Kenneth Branagh:

Life can suck hard, now that doesn’t mean that it can’t get any better. Now you will have to be the one that picks you up many times; nonetheless there will be people that will offer you support.

9.Helen Mirren:

Something that doesn’t happen, it is something that you have to keep up. Think of it like renting an apartment vs. buying a house. You can rent success and happiness, but you have to keep working for it, while bad luck and shitty days come with the package of life.

10.Oscar Wilde:

Again, it might be confusing but look at people that are seen at the “top spots” or people that are called successful, and you will understand.

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